Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doing a World of Good for Jeanette Josol

Jeanette Josol is a hard working and dedicated student whose education is sponsored this year by Elevita thanks to our partnership with BELIEVE International and your generous support. 

Jeannette loves school. She is always active in class discussions and wants to become a teacher.  She is determined to finish her studies and help her family have a better life. She recently wrote to us about surviving last year's typhoon. Her strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us at Elevita.  

In school Jeanette likes science and group activities.  She also enjoys reading and listening to Korean songs. Jeanette and her younger brother live with their parents.  Her father is a carpenter and earns $7.00 a day when he has work.  They live in a house made of Nipa leaves and bamboo and a dirt packed floor. 

When you buy a gift from Elevita.com or send in a contribution, your support does a World of Good. Just ask Jeanette! 

For more information about BELIEVE International:

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