Monday, September 22, 2014

Adventure: Seeking Long Lost Relatives

Recently we heard from Louela, one of our jewelry artisans in the Philippines.  She was writing to tell us how grateful she was that after receiving Elevita's payment for her goods, she was able not only to pay for her children's school and purchase rice, but she also had enough left over to go on a journey to search for some long-lost relatives.  Here is her report:

"Today my mother and I went to her relatives her biological parents side.  My mother was adopted at age 3 and she has very limited information about her grandparents and relatives, I ask her to accompany me to search for informations of her deceased ancestors.  It was a challenging task we have for ourselves.  It was a long ride, and hike on a slippery and uneven road and hill, I just wasn't able to take pictures some of the scenery..We met the wife of my mothers cousin, we ask information and then proceed to another area, then we meet my mother other cousin, she works as a house help, so we just sit outside the house while I ask her names of their ancestors, since we are not allowed to enter her employers house..I am very grateful that I have names now, although its not many but the opportunity to meet my aunties for the first time make me happy and also my mother...although my money for the fare is very budgeted, but my mother and I are able to come home, and we even bought snacks for the children.  I spent money in searching my ancestors but the happiness my mother and I felt can never be bought or exchange in any material things.  Glad for the technology, we have access now with our relatives through txt message..I attached photos sister about our adventure this morning.. :)"

This is just one of many examples of how Elevita is improving lives worldwide.