Monday, December 28, 2015

Artisan Happenings

We love hearing news from our artisans!  Here are a few recent tidbits:

This year Frank and Maxima Cajumban celebrated their 37th anniversary...

Frank is the very talented woodcarver who makes a 17-piece nativity for Elevita.  We are very happy for him and Maxima and their beautiful family!

Another noteworthy recent event was the birth of a healthy baby to Rosalie Blanza, one of our beadworkers.

Rosalie says, "Here's my baby. That's why I really need extra income and it was a blessing that you have a surprise order.  Thank you!" Elevita is happy to help in any way possible, and we are grateful to know that both mother and baby are doing well.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Our Own Christmas Decorations!"

Recently we received a note from Louela Nalzaro of the Philippines.  She shared the following:

"About us we are OK. I am working on some decorations for Christmas, and I started working on some hand crafted POINSETTIAS. And I just wanted to show my craft to you. I am really excited for Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. I feel like I am a child. When I was small I always stare at my neighbors home filled with bright lights and colorful decorations.  And sometimes I feel pity to my family. But now that you have helped me discover my talent in crafting I can make our own Christmas decorations!!"

Elevita is very happy that Louela's  talent not only helps her earn a living, but also brings her confidence, satisfaction, and joy.