Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Story of Melody Cajumban

One of Elevita's great successes is told through the story of Melody Cajumban from the Philippines.  She was born as one of 11 children of a humble woodcarver.  Melody is now a single mom of two children from a turbulent marriage.  In addition to helping support her younger brothers and sisters in their studies, Melody uses all the resources she can acquire to provide for her children's physical and educational needs.  To do this, for a while Melody ran a fruit stand.  But she came upon difficult times and ran out of capital to continue the stand.  This is when Elevita found Melody.  

Melody now makes gorgeous Gold Wire Ornaments for Elevita.  Her ornaments have sold so well that by December 2011 Melody had enough capital to reopen her fruit stand.  Melody was also able to buy her children some new clothes for Christmas.  In this way, Elevita helped Melody not only provide for the basic needs of her family, but also helped her fund her own small business.  

Elevita recently received a message from Melody's son Roxford saying, "Because of your help, we can eat a delicious food on our table.  Thank you!!!"  and yet another message from her daughter Roxanne, saying, "Thank you for supporting my mother's small business.  It will help us a lot to buy our school needs.  My mother is trying to look for some ways to continue my studies...I am assured now that we can pay our school miscellaneous fees and my [6th grade] graduation fee. Thank you!!!" 

But the story doesn't end here.  In the most recent correspondence Elevita received from Melody, she said, "GOD never leave me alone in my struggles. i am so grateful that you found me. i am extremely happy!!! my tears are falling and i dont know why. realizing how blessed i am...i have able to give a job for an out of school youth 16 year old boy."

Melody's story reminds us of the ripple effect of helping people in developing countries come out of poverty.  Success of one person in a village leads to more resources for the community, and before long many people benefit from the improved local economy.  No doubt we will hear more good news in the future from Melody and her associates.  In the meantime, Elevita will continue to search for other skilled artisans who simply need a market opportunity for their quality goods.