Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doing a World of Good for Jeanette Josol

Jeanette Josol is a hard working and dedicated student whose education is sponsored this year by Elevita thanks to our partnership with BELIEVE International and your generous support. 

Jeannette loves school. She is always active in class discussions and wants to become a teacher.  She is determined to finish her studies and help her family have a better life. She recently wrote to us about surviving last year's typhoon. Her strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us at Elevita.  

In school Jeanette likes science and group activities.  She also enjoys reading and listening to Korean songs. Jeanette and her younger brother live with their parents.  Her father is a carpenter and earns $7.00 a day when he has work.  They live in a house made of Nipa leaves and bamboo and a dirt packed floor. 

When you buy a gift from Elevita.com or send in a contribution, your support does a World of Good. Just ask Jeanette! 

For more information about BELIEVE International:

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Partnership with Support Foundation

By networking with the humanitarian arm of the British Embassy in India, Elevita was able to establish a connection with Support Foundation, a charitable trust created to work with people who suffer from mental and physical disabilities.  In Indian society, the handicapped are associated with great stigma, and it is therefore very challenging for them to find any work or acceptance in their communities.  Support Foundation seeks to spread awareness and fight discrimination within society by enabling disabled people to become self-sufficient and lead dignified lives.

The Support Foundation also operates an ongoing project called "Support Shop," which is an effort to provide a bridge between children with mental and physical disabilities and the society.  The Support Shop sells beautiful handmade paper products which are decorated by children with special needs.  As the revenue from these sales goes directly to the support of these children, Elevita is eager to help promote Support Shop products at Elevita.com.  In addition to the financial aid this partnership will provide, there are also countless intangible benefits to the children, such as a platform to show their ability and a tremendous feeling of self-worth.  Look for the Support Foundation's handmade stationery and notebooks to be available on Elevita.com in the near future!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank you for another Elevita scholarship

Your support of Elevita is doing a world of good!  Thanks to you we are able to sponsor the education of two more young women in the Philippines:  Mariefel Macato and Jeanette Josol.  Here is a little about Mariefel:

In her first year of high school Mariefel was #2 in her class.  She placed #2 in a district level Math Quiz Bee, #2 in a Scientific Competition, and #2 in a grade school district Science Competition and was a class Sergeant at Arms.  She also participated in a Math Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) activity.  Her class adviser reported that she can lead others and do tasks given to her with little supervision.

Goals:  Mariefel wants to be a successful engineer.

Favorites:  In school, she likes math.  Her hobby is studying.  Her favorite food is Lumpia Shanghai (an egg roll filled with meat).

Family:  Mariefel lives with her parents and younger brother.

Income:  Her father is a motorcab-for-hire driver earning $1-$2 per day.

Housing:  The walls of their home are made of nipa leaves, bamboo, hollow concrete blocks, coconut wood, and tin sheets.

Mariefel's determination to improve her and her family's life through hard work and education is an inspiration to all of us at Elevita.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Amazing Painting

At the young age of 19, Margarita Cajumban is an amazingly skilled painter.   She continues to paint to put herself through school.  Her most recent work is pictured below and is for sale.  If you are interested, email info@elevita.com.  Though difficult to tell from the photo, Margarita uses vibrant color and captivating texture in her painting.  She describes this piece as "the style of pointillism in the old tradition of the Filipino."  Elevita congratulations Margarita on her continued success!