Friday, April 25, 2014

New Partnership with Support Foundation

By networking with the humanitarian arm of the British Embassy in India, Elevita was able to establish a connection with Support Foundation, a charitable trust created to work with people who suffer from mental and physical disabilities.  In Indian society, the handicapped are associated with great stigma, and it is therefore very challenging for them to find any work or acceptance in their communities.  Support Foundation seeks to spread awareness and fight discrimination within society by enabling disabled people to become self-sufficient and lead dignified lives.

The Support Foundation also operates an ongoing project called "Support Shop," which is an effort to provide a bridge between children with mental and physical disabilities and the society.  The Support Shop sells beautiful handmade paper products which are decorated by children with special needs.  As the revenue from these sales goes directly to the support of these children, Elevita is eager to help promote Support Shop products at  In addition to the financial aid this partnership will provide, there are also countless intangible benefits to the children, such as a platform to show their ability and a tremendous feeling of self-worth.  Look for the Support Foundation's handmade stationery and notebooks to be available on in the near future!

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