Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Ripple Effect

Keyne Monson, co-founder of Elevita said recently in an article for Forbes, "On a weekly basis we receive notes from our artisans explaining how they have food on their tables, electricity in their homes, or children enrolled in school, thanks to the work they have with Elevita.com." He went on to explain that during the past four years, Elevita has helped over 500 artisans by providing income where none or little existed previously. Sometimes this has meant an increase in an artisan's income of over 400% with untold ripple effect -- for artisans, children, who can now obtain an education, food and shoes; for the artisans' community, where the artisans can use their newly obtained incomes to stimulate the contribute to the local economies in which they work; and for the artisans, increased sense of self-reliance, self-worth and fulfillment.

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