Friday, May 30, 2014

Making a Donation in Honor of a Person

People often ask us if it is possible on to make a donation in honor of another person.  The answer is, "Yes!"  To make a donation that recognizes an individual, follow these easy steps:

1) Go to and click on "Make a Donation" on the home page (or click here)
2) Specify a donation amount and follow the checkout process through to the end
3) Send an email to explaining that you have made a donation in someone's honor and that you would like an explanatory card mailed to him or her.  Please provide any message you would like to appear in the card along with the Mailing Address of the person.  (If you don't wish to compose a message, we can write one for you.)

Here is an example of an email one could sent to after making a donation:

Dear Elevita,

I just made a donation on your website for $50.  I was intending the donation as a "gift" for my father for Father's Day, as I know he would be more pleased to help those in need than he would be to receive a gift for himself.  Please include the following text in a card to him:

"Dear Daddy,
This year for Father's Day I made a donation in your name at  Because it will directly help needy children in the Philippines receive an education, I believe this is the best gift I could possibly get for you this year.
Happy Father's Day,

My father's address is:

1234 Sunshine Lane
Happyville, USA

4) Let Elevita take it from here!  We will send your special person an exquisite hand-painted card with your explanatory text beautifully handwritten inside.

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