Monday, November 4, 2013

Our New Project

Now that sufficient funds have been raised and ground has been broken for our girl's hostel in India, we are turning our attention to educating youth in the Philippines.  To do this, we have partnered with BELIEVE International.  The BELIEVE mission is to "Help disadvantaged youth in the Philippines become people of integrity and leaders in their communities by providing them with the resources needed to attend school and by teaching them positive life-long values and leadership principles."  BELIEVE offers scholarships to students who are carefully selected based on their poverty, academic performance, moral character, and leadership potential.  The scholarships are to cover otherwise prohibitive expenses related to their education in public schools.  BELIEVE requires their students to also engage in additional values and leadership training, which will enable them to lift themselves out of poverty.  Trained scholars such as these will eventually help solve the deep-rooted problems of corruption in their communities and in their nation.  Elevita will now give scholarships to these needy Filipino students one by one, as funds are raised.  To donate, please click here.  Your generosity will make a tremendous difference for good!

In the photo above, Alida Camo stands with her mother and younger sibling in front of their home.  Alida's mother died about 6 months after this photo was taken, and without a scholarship from BELIEVE, it would have been impossible for her to attend school.  Now she is #1 in her academic class, is vice-president of the Supreme Student Government, is a top athlete, and is actively involved in service projects.  Elevita feels privileged to be a partner with BELIEVE in creating more success stories such as this one!

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