Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elevita Artisans Safe After Typhoon

Elevita has been able to establish contact with all of its artisans, and we are grateful to report they are all safe and well.  Here are a few tidbits:

From Rosalie Blanza, creator of headbands and beaded coin purses:

Yes Maam,the damage was so terrible,especially in Visayas region,may province is not affected Maam,and thanks God,last time it was in our region.

From Margarita Cajumban, our 18-year-old painter:

i ll just need a little time to recover my materials and my studio,when the typoon come,ill prepared parents got angry because ill protect my studio.even theres a typhoon i did not go to our home.even i know what the other stake almost 1000 got die. Now i retouch your painting..

From Arman Cagayat, woodcarver:

hello sister i got your money yesterday sorry for my late reply.because of the storm here in the philippines no electric power supply

From Francisco Cajumban, nativity artisan:

We are OK here in Southern part of Luzon though a Signal #2 has been warned. Thank you in remembering us here. Lets pray for all the families in Visaya regions.

From Florita Escandor, who manages the IReachOut cooperative and manages our relationships with the other Filipino artisans:

Our province just had hard rain.  people are safe.  artisans farm are still in good safe.  Our neighboring island are the most devastated.  this [photo below] happens to my neighboring island...just 1 hour away from my place...Please include as in your prayer.. Thank you for the american Soldiers for helping us.  Thank you again.

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