Monday, August 11, 2014

A letter from a student that Elevita sponsors

Elevita recently received a letter from Darcia Cordez, a young women we are sponsoring with a scholarship for her education in the Philippines. She wrote of her summer break from school:

"It's summer vacation ... no cares for two months, but I still want summer vacation to be productive so I look for something good to do -- something that makes me productive.  I spend my vacation teaching in a summer class. It is really challenging, especially handling students of diverse personalities and interests.  This is my first time to be in the field of teaching high school students. I'm striving hard to be able to meet this challenging experience successfully."

Darcia understands that if a young woman is educated, her family will be educated.  There is a saying, when you educate a girl you educate a village.  If she can read and write all her children will be able to read and write.  The more educated a woman, the more educated her family, and the more prosperous her community.  That is why Darcia wants to be a teacher.  Elevita is proud to sponsor Darcia Cardez through Believe International and we salute her for spending her summer vacation teaching others.  

Believe International

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