Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amazing India

We just returned from an incredible trip to India where we were able to visit with some of our artisans and discuss future projects.  We were even able to meet with the Maharaja of Jodhpur and discuss with His Highness some of our plans to help in the region.   The following day we were able to survey the site where we plan to build a hostel that will enable girls from rural villages to attend secondary school.  But perhaps the most moving element of the trip was our visit to a fledgling Women's Training and Empowerment Center in the village of Keru.  Several women there have undertaken a sewing and embroidery course, and we were able to get a "show and tell" of their first projects.  What impressive women!  We will continue to work with the Center to help these women develop marketable items that can supplement the meager incomes of their families.  Because a picture is truly worth a thousand words, I'll let you see the rest below:

One of our block printers, carefully printing a tablecloth:

Dyed cloth hanging in the sun to dry--beautiful!!

The ladies at the Women's Training and Empowerment Center in Keru:

 First Sale!  We purchased from this lovely lady some beautiful pillow covers she carefully stitched as part of her training:

It is the middle of the day, and these young girls should be in school.  Instead, they are obligated to stay home and help with the chores--probably because they are already betrothed.  It is for village girls like these that we wish to build a hostel so they can have the opportunity to finish out their childhood and receive a secondary education.  

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