Monday, October 11, 2010

There Is A Need

I had the remarkable opportunity to spend a month in India this summer. Before I left, I prepared myself for what I thought I would see there. I have seen other developing countries and the poverty that is rampant there, so my immediate assumption was that India would be the same.

But nothing could have been more wrong. India has poverty, but at a scale that is very unimaginable before you see it. In 2003, the United Nations Human Development Report cited India as being the home for more hungry people than anywhere else in the world, and that is including if you connect all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Quite frankly, it wasn't something I was ready for. To see the hungry faces of children, mothers, and father shook me to the core. It wasn't just devastating, it was something that needed addressing.

That is why I got involved with Elevita. While I was in India, I gave what I could to shaking hands attached to hungry mouths. But now that I am home I need somewhat to stay connected to that. To address a need that is so great, it can not go ignored in my life. Elevita provides an opportunity to take actions, that though small as parts, can make great changes as a whole.

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  1. It must be heartbreaking to see. I just found out about Elevita today and I am so happy I did. May I add to the use of markets, prayer? I know a lot of prayer goes into this, but will add mine to it. God bless you all.